Read This To Discover Why Your Home Will Not Sell Quickly

It’s very discouraging to have a house for sale for months with little action. It can also be very expensive. If the homeowner had to move, they are paying for the old mortgage as well as for rent or a new mortgage on a new home. If the home was purchased and renovated for resale, working capital is tied up until it sells.

What Prevents a Home from Selling Quickly?

So, what is the #1 reason why your home will not sell quickly? No curb appeal. The home doesn’t look attractive from the street. Even worse, it looks as though the owner doesn’t care. Most prospective buyers want to buy homes that they can move right into; they assume that the outside reflects the inside. Unless the outside has great curb appeal, they will never get out of the car.

Adding Curb Appeal on a Budget

There’s probably already been a lot of money spent to fix up the inside. The kitchens and baths have been updated and new flooring has been installed. Fresh paint and maybe a new appliance or two have tapped out the budget. Here are a few ideas that will perk up the front entrance on the cheap.

Perk Up the Front Door

  • Paint the front door a bright, cheerful color. There’s an app called Front Door Paint which allows you to preview colors.
  • If painting the door isn’t an option, clean the door thoroughly.
  • If the old brass hardware looks so-so, it can be spray-painted.
  • Fresh paint and molding on the outside of the door make a huge difference.
  • Make sure that the house numbers are clean and in a nice font.
  • Add a nice pot of flowers or a taller plant, depending on the size of the door.
  • Splurge on a really nice door knocker.

Exterior Lighting

  • Add or upgrade a light near doors, especially the front door.
  • A thorough cleaning and a little spray paint could salvage a tired-looking light and make it look new for pennies.

Add Class to the Entryway

Instead of common concrete, complete the look of the refurbished entrance.

  • Tile adds a classic look to the entryway.
  • Slate is impressive.
  • Stained, patterned concrete looks good and is inexpensive.

Now that the refurbished entrance is screaming, “Come in,” take an objective look at the front yard. It’s not necessary to hire a landscape designer. For some great ideas, visit LiveJournal at