3 Warning: These 5 Mistakes will destroy your content marketing

With the increase in the social presence of the people, digital marketing is gaining popularity. Business men are taking up content marketing as their major marketing technique because it is one of the effective and easy ways of promoting products and services. You need to decide a better strategy for content marketing for making it a great success. For quality content you can hire content writer in India for posting your content on the regular basis.
There are various mistakes which can destroy your content marketing campaign. Some of the major mistakes to avoid are listed below –
Lack of Quality content
Many a times businessmen focus on the format of the content, platform via which they are promoting, posting etc. and do not consider the quality of the content. Quality content is the key factor for the success of content marketing as in case of poor quality content you won’t get repeat customers and your visitors will also not turn into customers. It is advisable to hire content writers for top notch quality.
Not understanding the role of social media
For the success of your content marketing campaign you also need to promote your content on various social media sites. The more you will promote your content on the social media, more will the audience you will be able to reach. It is to be noted that social media is the platform where mass socialize, hangout etc. thus effective promotion helps you to get more and more traffic. Not understanding the role of social media can destroy your content marketing campaign.
Addressing general audience
One of the major mistakes in content marketing is not defining the targeted audience. Addressing general audience means you are not focusing on your prospective audience and thus your content will not be much focused. If you are stepping forward to undertake content marketing, then as an initial step you must decide your targeted audience. Focused content will appeal to the targeted group and will help you to generate a good lead.
Continuous post
Regular posting is very important to keep the visitors reminded about your brand, product and the services. In case you fail to post on regular basis your content marketing campaign may reap the expected result.
Not analyzing the result of content marketing
You must analyze the impact of your marketing campaign in order to know your drawback points as well as the expectations of your customers. Many people do not analyze the impact and thus fail to take steps in the right direction. In addition you must also consider the reviews of your visitors, as they are ultimate user of the content. You must leave an option for the visitors to write their reviews.

Franchising and Business Opportunities

In recent times, franchising has evolved as one of the most promising and popular business options, among both high and low investor groups. Franchising is a process where a person, known as the franchisee, enters into a legal agreement with the franchisor, who is the owner of a business brand, to sell the products/services of the particular brand under its trademark. The franchisee has to make an investment in order to achieve this legal right over the products/services as well as a professional training and support from the franchisor.

Franchises are available in almost all business sectors, which enable one to choose a business that best suits his needs, passion, competence and investment capacities. If you are tired of making money for others and dream of running an organization of your own, you must consider and evaluate the business opportunities available in franchising. For this, you must first be aware of the various types of businesses that offer franchises.

• Food: The business that never lacks demand is food. People are always in search of good, high-quality food. Food franchises are available from various reputed brands like KFC, Subway, and The Taco Maker Inc etc.

• Beauty salon and Spa: Another business that is always in demand is that of beauty centres. In today’s time, when people are getting more and more style conscious, looking beautiful is becoming a necessity for people coming from almost all social backgrounds. Several beauty salons franchises are available like Lotus Professional Salon, Lakme Salon, Juice Salon etc.

• Apparel and Shoes: In a civilized society, people cannot do without these necessities. And brand names attract people specially. In a fashion conscious society people love to flaunt branded commodities. Some of the apparel brands that offer franchises are Van Huesen, Monte Carlo fashions Ltd., Nautical etc. And for shoes there are Nike, Reebok, Puma etc.

• Educational institutions: Several Montessori and pre-schools like Kidzee, ABC Montessori etc. offer franchises. If you are passionate about education and love spending time with children, this is the best option for you. Franchises are available from various management institutions as well.

• Cleaning services: Cleaning franchises include various cleaning services such as commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, dry-cleaning etc.

• Consultancy firms: A consultancy firm is where you get professional advice on a particular field from a person having an extensive knowledge in that field. Various kinds of consultants are available namely legal consultants, HR consultants, strategy consultants, marketing consultants, public relations consultants etc. You can opt for any of these consultancy franchises.

• Home based franchises: Home based franchises that include beauty products, cleaning services, travel planning etc are best suited for housewives, students and retired people. It provides the convenience of working from your home at your own scheduled time.

Apart from these significant business sectors, hundreds of others are available like franchises from fitness centers, pet supplies, jewelry, bookstores, automotive, insurance, mail and courier services and so on. Choose from this wide range of options based on your interest and convenience, and make use of these existing business opportunities.

How to Choose the Right Franchise Opportunities

If you want to be a boss of your own business but are confused on how to achieve it, then franchising can be a lucrative choice. While looking for any franchise opportunities you should screen those options that are more likely to give you good returns and profit. There are franchises that are geographically specific. So you can start with those franchises that are suited to your area’s market conditions. Firstly, a proper market research is a must before purchasing any franchise. Look for answers to your specific questions. Is there any demand for the product or service of the franchise you are interested in? Will the franchise make enough profit? Secondly, you should go for only those franchises that are of interest to you. If your interest is in restaurants then it’s an unwise decision to go for any franchise that deals with some other service or product.

It is very much possible that a market is saturated with a particular type of franchise. So before signing any deal, make sure that there is ample opportunity for the franchise you choose to grow. An outstanding profit record in past of a franchise is not enough to confirm that it will be a huge hit in future as well. Once the market is saturated, a very profitable business can turn into an unprofitable entity in no time.

The franchise agreement is of utmost importance and must not be handled in a hurry. Many times in excitement people neglect the crucial terms mentioned in the agreement and have to face problems in future. So make sure that you are thorough with the entire agreement. Commonly people misunderstand the franchise cost to be the only payment to be made to the franchiser. It must be noted that the franchisee has to pay a specific amount i.e. a loyalty annually or monthly to the franchiser as mentioned in the agreement. You can also consult a franchise lawyer who can verify all the details of the agreement and ensure that all your rights are protected and the deal is a profitable one for you.

Other factors that must be considered while purchasing any franchise are the training programs and the support from the franchiser. There are people who are just interested in the money and once the transaction is successful, they provide negligible support to the franchisee. You must be aware of such franchisers and make a decent deal.

How to Create A Career Plan That Really Works

If you are a recent college graduate, or if you are looking to make a career transition, the most effective way to proceed is by creating a career plan. Rather than formulating an idea in your head, write it out and keep a copy readily available to check your progress or to make adjustments along the way. The following tips can help you develop a logical plan for pursuing your career goals.

Target your dream job.

Decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. The ideal position may morph over time. For example, you could begin your career as a general practice nurse and eventually specialize to become a nurse anesthetist. Choose a career area, field, or industry where you would like to focus your professional efforts.

Inventory your credentials.

Take stock of your achievements so far. Include college degrees, certifications and licenses, extended learning, meritorious service as an employee or volunteer, and job skills mastered to date. You may be able to see patterns that will help you recognize your interests and strengths. There’s a good chance you would likely excel in a career that utilizes those qualities.

Acknowledge any weaknesses.

Conversely, note any lacks or weaknesses in your professional development to date. For example, if you would like to work as a foreign language interpreter but have not yet mastered any languages, you will have to address that need.

Set specific goals.

Instead of writing that you want to have a career position within six months, for example, indicate which career field interests you, and what type of position you would like to have. List steps you will take to reach your goal, such as applying for twenty jobs each week, posting a job-related blog on social media, or volunteering in your chosen career field to learn new skills and meet relevant professionals.

Establish a timeline.

Your timeline should be based on weekly and monthly career-oriented activities, not just long-term goals. For example, you could tweet or blog three days weekly about an area of expertise, or you could apply for ten jobs a week. You can also join a business group and attend monthly luncheons. You might plan to contribute an article to a trade publication every three months. Make good use of your skill set to set and meet career objectives.

Identify related needs.

Be realistic about monetary or time-related needs to address so that you can meet your goals. If you join a local business group, you might have to buy a professional outfit to wear. Blogging or applying to jobs weekly might require ten hours or more of your time. In addition, consider other reasonable needs that can help you meet your goals, such as seeking out a mentor or hiring a career coach for a few sessions.


The important thing is to keep working at your job goals. You may get frustrated or prospects may appear slim, but don’t give up. Success might be just around the corner when you send out that next batch of applications or schedule another interview

4 Ways to Position Yourself to Move Into Leadership

Repackage yourself as a Unique Subject Matter Expert

Consider all of the inefficient time-consuming processes which you have re-engineered over time with sleeves rolled up or simply by directing others to improve, along with those functions which you now execute brilliantly. Whether deep dive or wide-across, your full knowledge-base can often be swept under the rug, underestimating your lessons learned and experience.

You stepped up when duty called

Even if you haven’t officially held a management title, there is always a leadership track record you should be self-promoting. This can be based on past projects where you have stepped up when duty called. If you have supervised one or two people in your career, even in a mentoring role and guided them to succeed, this counts. If you were once the go-to person who fixed everyone else’s problems, managed expectations plus handled all of your workload to boot, then you have demonstrated how to run a virtual support center, even if whom you served in help-desk mode was limited to a small group of colleagues. Sift through every big and little win to share a powerful story to highlight your leadership legacy.

Your industry insights foraged over the years given all of your experience.

Don’t fall trap to the self-sabotage thinking that you don’t have any insights. If you simply have a pulse on how business moves in your industry that counts. If you have made your own conclusions about trends on a small scale, you are an expert. Care less about where you drew your conclusions from and more on the fact that you have an opinion on it and can engage in meaningful conversations.

When discussing your career track record, highlight:

Your functional area of expertise.
Your insight, pulse and opinions on your industry. What are the trends happening?
Your knowledge around a company’s products or those of the company you are seeking to join.
Your experience navigating “systems” naturally (knowing how things get done).
The end-to-end processes you can walk through of a specific function.
Your lessons learned and hands-on experience.
Your leadership legacy as a mentor, project manager, team lead, assistant, or supervisor.

Once taking inventory of your entire career track-record you inevitably become comfortable in self-promote mode leaving an impression which makes you memorable for new opportunities and in-line for referrals a la your unpaid sales force – a trusted pipeline where others happily put their reputation on the line referring you on, because they can feel your confidence.

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