Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Job Searching During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it can be tough for job seekers to resist the temptation to take a break. The job search is quite tiring in nature, so friends and family often advise that a break is best. While they mean well, there are a variety of reasons why this advice is faulty. The following is a closer investigation.

1. Year End Surpluses

A company may not have planned on making any hires, until they run their numbers and realize that they have more resources available to them than originally thought. When a company discovers money that they didn’t know about, this leads to additional hires. It’s important that you remain available, so that these opportunities do not have a chance to elude you.

2. Others May Be Taking a Break

Chances are good that you are not the only one who has given consideration to taking a break during the holidays. Popular opinion dictates that November and December are the worst possible times to be searching for a new job. By continuing your job search during the holidays, job seekers give themselves a leg up on their competition that chose to take a break.

3. Preparation for January

Rather than sitting out of the job search during the holidays, job seekers should remain vigilant, so that they are prepared for the inevitable hiring rush than January brings. Waiting puts you in the same pool as all of the other candidates who decided that they would ramp up their job search on New Year’s. Job searching during the holidays sets you apart from the crowd.

4. Vacations Are Taken During the Holidays

At many companies and businesses, the holidays are when the majority of their current staff decide to take much deserved vacations. However, work never takes a day off and big projects tend to pop up during the months of November and December. Employers need help to complete these projects, which provides a valuable audition opportunity for job seekers. Impress the bosses during a limited run and you may end up being hired full time.

5. Networking Opportunities

Don’t stay cooped up in the house, take advantage of every possible networking opportunity that presents itself. Go to all of those holiday parties. You never know when opportunity will knock, so it’s best to be sitting close to the door at all times.

6. Response Time Is Key

If you get lackadaisical about responding to e-mails and phone calls, then you could potentially miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. When an employer takes the time to reach out, they appreciate a rapid response. Making them wait could be the death blow to your hopes of getting a job with their company.

See when you begin your career search, we start with the “big box” sites. Monster and Craigslist. The challenge? Like you employers are searching for the best way to get their bang for the buck, so they are not going where the masses are going daily! In fact, most Fortune 500 companies and beyond are using niche sites for their hires. So why compete amongst the 10’s and 10’s of thousands for limited jobs? You shouldn’t.