How to Use Mastermind Groups to Grow Your Career or Business

If you haven’t heard of them, they are the proverbial meeting of the minds: consistent, regularly scheduled meetings of liked-mindedness. Women professionals especially, are increasingly joining business masterminds given their ability to easily form bonds and farm relationships as well as their desire for deeper connections to grow their careers.

Uncover your Blind Spots. Co-Create Solutions to get you Unstuck.

Originally introduced by Napoleon Hill discussed in his classic “Think and Grow Rich” the theory behind masterminds is that when you bring together an intimate group of folks (usually kept to five or six members, for maximum effectiveness) who share common challenges each with a very specific goal in mind, the channeling of like-minded energy in the room, will inevitably create a space which allows for the spawning and co-creating of powerful solutions for one another. These take the shape of inspired on-the-fly next steps, which if on your own was unable to see for yourself, until you opened about where you are stuck, seeking external support.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].” – Napoleon Hill on the principle behind Masterminds.

Brainstorm and Attract Results Quickly

On an energetic vibration level per the laws of Quantum Physics, the powerful results bubbling from this type of forum, are delivered at the foot of each member before the mastermind ends, guaranteed to always show up. That is, it’s impossible for anyone to walk away without receiving clarity around what the next best step is for them to take, nudging them directly towards their Breakthrough Goal. The number one benefit to joining a mastermind is that you see results quickly; the solutions come rushing in as soon you open it up.

Trusted and Confidential

As humans, when struggling with a situation, we are less likely to reach out and lean on others for support. There’s a level of pride and fear of failure inevitably holding us back. Shifting your mindset however, working in a supportive, small group in collaborative mode, masterminds lay out some firm ground rules that put those concerns to bed. Up-front, everyone signs-on to share a sacred space which is confidential and safe.

Commit to Thinking Bigger about yourself

After going round-robin where each member has had time to present their situation, discuss and gain valuable feedback from the group, they are asked to make a commitment to something they normally wouldn’t commit to if they weren’t part of the group. This not only stretches you to a new level, but becomes your new normal where you are consistently maximizing your potential throughout the mastermind experience without looking back; this is full accountability.

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